What It’s All About

What Is It?

Mc10 Unite Project is a project to get all the McFLY fans together for McFLY’s 10th anniversary and make McFLY something extra special to celebrate it from the fans. We also hope to unite the fans through this project, to help stop any fueds that are going on.

Who Are You?

Kitty (@mcflyfreaks/@kepunsaidthings)

Kitty is an English McFLY Fan and shall be the one updating this blog and the website. She eats, breathes and sleeps McFLY. Proved by the fact that she is a co-host on the McFLY podcast – KEP Unsaid Things 2.0, is a member of varies McFLY fan forums, and pretty much anything she writes out of choice tends to be somehow linked back to McFLY!

Pascale and Caroline (@mission_mcfly)

These two girls are the Team Leaders of Mission:MCFLY. They both love everything and anything to do with McFLY. If there was a competition to see who was the biggest McFLY fan in The Netherlands these two girls would be tough competition.

Thea and Jaz (@m_mcflygermany)

Two wonderfully enthusiastic McFLY fans who are also helping to lead this project. They are tough competition for any McFLY fans in Germany who wish to be the best German McFLY Fan!

What Is The Project?

This project is going to be broken down into smaller projects to make everything easier to complete and handle. For information on the smaller project please read the blog or go to the Mc10 Unite website.

The main project is split into two part:

Part 1

Part 1 is specifically aimed at McFLY’s 10th anniversary togeth as a band. We intend to create a video made up of documentaries and photos sent in by McFLY Fans that McFLY Fan bases have collected together. There will be 4 copies of this video which will be sent to each member of the band. All the documentaries and photos from each fan base will be turned into a smaller video for each fanbase to show their followers what has been done with their contribution. The main video will also be placed around the internet for fans to watch.

Part 2

Part 2 is the part that we hope to continue even after McFLY’s 10th anniversery. That is to unite McFLY fans. We don’t want McFLY fans to be fighting amongst themselves, it’s not nice and it doesn’t make us look good to the rest of the world, which could easily put people off becoming fans. There’s no reason we can’t be friends so we shall do our best to unite us all!

Unanswered Questions

Have you got a question that we haven’t answered? Then feel free to email us at mc10unite@hotmail.co.uk


4 Responses to What It’s All About

  1. Victoria says:

    so what am i suppose to do? i have to send you sth?
    🙂 try to answer me

    • mc10unite says:

      Right now if you run a fanbase and you’re interested in joining in then send an email to mc10unite@hotmail.co.uk which includes your fanbases name and twitter (if you have twitter)

      If you don’t run a fanbase then you should tell any fanbases you are a part of to join in. 🙂

  2. Flip! [Faedra] says:

    This, Sounds, F**king,AWESOME!!!

    • mc10unite says:

      Thank you!

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