Theme Park Project

April 27, 2010

Yet another awesome project.

This project was @GalaxyDefender7’s idea and it looks like this:

Basically you design a whole theme park, including where it’s going to be, what it’s called, the layout of the park, the rides everything!

So go wild!

Email designs to (I shall forward them on from there)


3 New Projects

April 25, 2010

First Project

First new project is a collaboration between @merymcfly and @mcflyinconcert.

Basically they want to make a video with pictures of McFLY fans from across the globe. All you have to do is take a photo of yourself with something that shows where you are from, such as a flag, or a famous landmark etc.

The title of the video will be: All McFlyers Are A Big Family. It is to show McFLY that we are a family and we are proud of them and love them no matter where we are, who we are or how old we are.

Please email the pictures to

Second Project

The second project is to follow @RadioActiveRina – this is a preview for one of our possible up-coming projects!!!

Third Project

If you are on facebook add us as a friend and spread the word on there too!

Project 5

April 17, 2010

This one a lot of you have probably all ready done, but it’s a good fun and a good excuse to do it all again!

Project 5 is for you to do a cover of your favourite McFLY song (not one of their covers – one of their songs that the guys wrote themselves). It can be from any album!

If you do one from one of their current albums, then, when the new album comes out, would prefer to do one of those then that’s fine just send us the new video of you covering it, we’ll use the latest video.

You can either email it to us at

Or send me a PM on our forum at

Project 3 Details

April 14, 2010

OK so here are the details of project 3.

What I’m looking for is this:

If you go to a concert with a group of friends – wear some tshirts that are related to McFLY or have a banner thats related to McFLY (if it’s also related to Mc10 Unite that would be EVEN BETTER!). Then take a photo or record a short video saying something like Happy 10th Anniversary McFLY!

If you meet up with a bunch load of other McFLY fans (like maybe a fansite has a gathering or you have a McFLY related sleepover/party) then take photos of that or record short videos saying Happy 10th Anniversary McFLY! and of what’s happening there.

This is what we hope will make up the majority of the movie so the more we can get the better!

New Project and Project recaps!

April 13, 2010


It’s good to be back!

So quick recap of the projects running so far then two new projects!


Project 1

Create a logo and slogan – email to (it works again so please resend logos!) before April 31st!

Project 2

Send your McFLY related memories to @McFlyNews

New Projects

Project 3

If you do something McFLY related make a short clip or take a photo of it and email it to

Project 4

Join our brand new forum!

Easter Holidays And New Forum

April 1, 2010

Hi guys

Because SKY haven’t activated my internet at home yet (I’ve just moved house) and possibly won’t activate it until AFTER Easter Holidays I won’t be able to get online at all to talk to you guys. Also, my friend, who has been on twitter while I can’t get on, is going away so she won’t be able to tweet much either.

However, I am leaving you with a brand new forum. It has the added extra of ‘McPennies’ – find out more on the forum. You can find it here¬†–