March 3, 2010


Welcome to the first Mc10 Unite update!

What’s Happened So Far?

So a quick summary of what’s been going on.

  1. The idea was thought up by Kitty
  2. Discussed in detail with Mission:McFLY and Mission McFLY Germany
  3. The Project was named Mc10 Unite
  4. The following decisions were made:
  • The video would be made up of documentaries made by McFLY Fans of McFLY related events they’ve been to.
  • McFLY related events include – concerts, McFLY sleepovers, Fan gatherings etc.
  • The main project would be made up of smaller projects.
  • The projects would promote friendship amongst all fans.
  • The projects would help unite the fans and stop fueds
  • A website, blog and twitter would be set up specifically for the project
  • It will be a secret for McFLY. – The Fans revenge on their secret projects!

Obviously keeping it a secret from McFLY will be hard, and over the 3 years the guys will receive hints about what is going on that were created by Kitty, mission:MCFLY and mission McFLY Germany. However we are hoping that even if they get some ideas they won’t know exactly what is going on so we can still surprise them a little bit.

We shall be getting in contact with as many fanbases as we can to get as many fans involved as possible. There is a list of fanbases included under the page ‘Who’s Involved?’. This list can be found on the website. Website is currently going under construction. You will be notified once it is complete.