How To Spread The Word [Updated 4/4]

May 3, 2010

Some of them are a bit weird and different, but hey if it works who cares?!

Send us a photo of what you do!

Remember you’re spreading this slogan:

McFly: Four Guys, Millions of Fans, One Family

(Bonus points for sticking Mc10Unite on it too!)

1) Make door hangers and hang them on anything you can! – How to make door hangers and a link to download a template

2) Put it on a T-shirt

3) Put signs up in toilets

4) Put them inside books at libraries or book stores!

5) Write the slogan on stickers and stick them on clothes, bags, lockers etc.

6) Write it in chalk on the pavement

7) Put posters up everywhere

8 ) Stick Post it notes everywhere

9) Put it on postcards and send them to your friends

10) Put it on your voicemail

11) But a banner up in your window

12) Write it in icing on cookies and sell them (maybe include a card with the details on too so the information isn’t lost when the cookies are eaten!)

13) Talk about it!

14) Write in blackboards and whiteboards

15)Ask to put an advert up in shop windows

16)Make flags

17)Write it on the back of dirty vans/lorrys

18)Write it all over the covers of your exercise books

19)Write it on all your social networking site profiles

Ideas Of Where To Stick Post-It Notes and Posters

1)On fences

2)On doors

3)On lampposts

4)On vending machines

5)On bus shelters/stops

6)On train stations

7)On mirrors

8)On noticeboards

9)On bins


Please use common sense with these, don’t get in yourselves in trouble, it won’t help anyone!

All so if you wanted to create posters with the both the logo and the slogan here’s a larger version of the logo