The Projects

Find all the projects here:

Main Project 1

To create a video with footage from all McFans to celebrate McFLY’s 10th Anniversary in 2013 (they formed in 2003 and began to record then even though Room On The Third Floor wasn’t released until 2004).

Basically, if you go to a concert, or meet up with a bunch of McFLY fans, or have a McFLY related party/outing etc. Make a short video of you doing it and preferably include you all saying ‘Happy 10th Anniversary McFLY!’

Then email the video to (put Video in the subject) as soon as possible.

Main Project 2

To unite all McFans across the world.

Mini Projects

#1 – Create a logo and slogan (Logo and Slogan by @scarysound)


#2 – Forum and Facebook

Join Mc10 Unite’s forum –

Add us as a friend on facebook. (Search Mc10unite or McFLY Unite-Fans)

#3 – McMemories

Send your McFLY memories to (put McMemories in the subject)

Don’t make them too long and please include your twitter name.

#4 – Cover Song

Film yourself covering one of McFLY’s songs. (Not a cover of a song that they covered).

Email it to us at (put Cover Song in the subject)

#5 – All McFLYers Are A Big Family

Finished Project

#6 – #FF

Follow @RadioActiveRina on Twitter.

When she gets 500 followers she will dress up as Dougie Poynter and run down her street singing Silence Is  A Scary Sound.

There will be a video of this.

#7 – Theme Park

Design a McFLY-related Theme Park including:

– Where It Would Be

– What It Would Be Called

– The Layout Of The Park

– Rides Avaliable

Find out more at

Email Designs to (put Theme Park in the subject – I will forward it on)

#8 – Spread The Word

Spread the logo and slogan:

McFLY: Four Guys, Millions of Fans, One Family

Spread them all over the place any way you can

Don’t get into trouble

Email photos of you spreading the word to (Put ‘Spread The Word’ in the subject)


3 Responses to The Projects

  1. hi!!I like the idea … is great ..

    • mc10unite says:

      Thank you very much! Hope you enjoy taking part! 🙂

  2. until that day I have to send my pictures and everything else???…

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